The Czech Choirs Association

The Czech Choirs Association was established almost 50 years ago. Our goal is to support the tradition of choir singing in the Czech republic. We are the only organisation to unite and represent singing choirs all over the Czech Republic.

What do we do?

Promotion and monitoring

  • We run a large informative portal,
  • publish the CANTUS magazine,
  • maintain the catalogue of Czech choirs, choirmasters and choir festivals
  • and monitor the Czech choral movement.

Support and development

  • We organize and support festivals of childern and youth choirs,
  • suggest and give awards to choirmasters (Bedřich Smetana award, Ferdinand Vach award, František Lýsek award etc.),
  • provide consulting services,
  • help to establish relationships between Czech and foreign choirs and partners
  • and support and promote concerts and regional festivals.
  • We represent the Czech choral movement as a member of European Choral Association - Europa Cantat.

Support of origination of new choral compositions

  • We organize competitions for young composers,
  • regularly publish choral sheet music within the CANTUS magazine,
  • arrange series of compositions for childern and youth choirs
  • and provide information about new choral compositions.


In 1868 The singing club Hlahol in Prague stimulated the foundation of the Union of Czech and Slovak singing choirs, the first choral organisation in Bohemia. Its most important chair was Emilian Kaufmann, who had merit in development of the organisation and initiated publishing of a magazine, which was published until 1948. In 1904 the first musical festival took place. After World War I it was renamed and established its own Musical Publishing House to publish scores of contemporary composers. Close before World War II it united with the Workers’ Singing Choirs Association and went on until 1951 when it was banned. In 1969 its activities were continued by the Czech Choirs Association, which has been working until today.



Masarykovo nábřeží 16, 110 00 Prague, Czech republic, Map
Office hours: Appointments can be arranged via phone or mail
+420 212 24 64 64

CANTUS Magazine

dr. Jan Mlčoch, editor-in-chief
Masarykovo nábřeží 16, 110 00 Prague, Czech republic

Webmaster and portal editor

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